More relevant to the graduate level, all programmes will be designed tp produce corporate leaders, specialists and executives. The focus will be to impart a sound and board theoretical base while including a habit of data acquisition, reading, research, analysis and positive decision-making as follows:

Theoretical Base. Through classroom instruction, assignments and students lectures/presentations, followed up by quiz tests and scheduled examinations.

Field Experience. This will be manifested in closely controlled and supervised assignments involving limited fieldwork and on job training along with classroom activity.

Research Projects. These independent research projects on the whole or an individual aspect of a business or an Industry. Students maybe assigned this task individually or as syndicates. Supervising personal of the particular business or industry will be empowered to award up to 20% of the marks accorded to a particular project.

Internship.  The period of Internship may extend from four to six months and will be conducted under the supervision of the business or industry that sponsors the student.



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